Mini’s Cupcake’s is Utah’s first bakery to specialize in gourmet cupcakes.

Why Cupcakes? Why not!
Everywhere around the country, cupcake specialty shops are all the rage. I found this out on one of my recent trips to New York. Some of these
shops have great cupcakes and some not so good.

In 2006 over the Christmas Holiday I was craving a coconut cupcake from my favorite shop. I went on-line to order some, not available, so I
called. Much to my disappointment they did not deliver. I called three more shops in NYC and one in San Francisco, all had the same answer, “we
do not deliver outside our area.”

This made me mad because I really wanted a really good cupcake. I figured that if I wanted an upscale, not from a box sweet treat then others
would too. So I started baking. Hundreds of recipes and over 1000 cupcakes later Mini’s emerged. In my research, yes I was forced to eat 100′s of
cupcakes, I found most were way too sweet, had way too much frosting, and were often dry. So, I created what I think, and so do others, to be
the best made from scratch cupcakes. My cupies are not too sweet, moist, and have an overall balance with the amount of frosting to cake ratio.

Why Mini’s?
I like the idea of a “mini” cupcake, not too many calories, not so big you get sick eating it, and small enough that if I want to try two or three
flavors, what the heck. And just as important, I drive a Mini Cooper and I love it!

What’s Next?
Who knows? Have an idea, let me know.

Hours of Operation

Monday Open for Delivery and Catering orders only. Please call to place your order

Tuesday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Closed Sundays and Mondays


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Mini's cupcakes

14 East 800 South,

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