Tricks And Basic Tips To Make Your Mini Cupcakes Look Perfect

Making cupcakes at home a priori seems very simple, and it is, but I am going to tell you some basic tips and tricks to make your cupcakes look perfect. Of course, if you know of others who have escaped me, you can leave them reflected in the comments.

Every one of these tricks is proven, but some must be adapted to your possibilities. For example, those that have to do with the oven will depend on which one you use since there is a great variety, and you have to be very careful with the temperatures.


The ingredients are the fundamental part of a cupcake. As I always tell you, the main thing is that they are of good quality, since this will make the final result fabulous. It is not the same to make buttercream with a tender butter that tastes nothing than a high-quality one. From there, these are the points that you must take into account when making your homemade cupcakes:

  • The flour that we will use in principle is that of normal wheat that we can find in any supermarket. It does not need to be a pastry or special for cakes. If you want to make an integral or another base, you just have to change the flour we are interested in.
  • The butter can be salted since that little touch will enhance the taste of the cake, yes, utilized a good butter.
  • We will use baking powder, Royal type, to make our base cakes.
  • All ingredients, including eggs, milk, and butter, should be at room temperature to prevent the dough from cutting during processing.
  • Must always Sift flour mixture and baking powder. This will help us achieve more spongy dough.
  • For the dough, we can use normal granulated sugar, but for the toppings, the indicated sugar is the Glacé. Glacé sugar is ground sugar with a specific degree of fineness. Conveniently, it is purchased since only by industrial processing is the ideal grinding to make most of the toppings achieved.
  • There are specific recipes for brown sugar, but on many occasions, you can use it and substitute white sugar and thus give caramel shades to your dough and a darker color.
  • Remember that in any cupcake recipe, you have to mix the dry ingredients before adding them to the wet ones.
  • The recipes can be made by hand, but the best thing is to help yourself with any whisk utensils you have. It does not need to be a super robot, with a few simple electric rods is enough.


The baking is another essential factor that must be taken care of when making perfect cupcakes. If we have dough often, but we bake incorrectly, all the previous work will have been useless. With these basic tips you have to leave without problems, so read carefully:

  • To get completely flat cupcakes, baking must be at a maximum temperature of 170º-180º and always without a fan. If your oven does not have this function, you must lower this temperature between 10 and 20 degrees.
  • Baking usually takes about 20 minutes, depending on a little on the oven and the size of the cupcakes. To check that the dough is ready, we can stick a toothpick in the center of the cake. If it comes out clean, it means that they are made, and if it comes out stained with a little dough, we should leave it for a few more minutes.
  • When removing the dough from the oven, the cupcakes are soft and delicate, so we will leave it in the pan for five minutes before taking them out and handling them.
  • We will place the cupcakes once baked and rested on a rack until they cool completely to fill or cover them.
  • If we want to dye our dough, we will use paste dyes that give better results and do not alter the colors during cooking.
  • So that the capsules are not greasy and with a bad appearance, we must buy them of quality; otherwise, it will be impossible to avoid it. It is not the fault of the dough or the baking.
  • Do not fill the capsules more than 2/3 of their capacity to avoid mass overflows and the mass rising too high. Remember that we are looking for plain cupcakes to decorate.

I hope that these basic tips and tricks to make your cupcakes look perfect have been interesting and useful. Any questions that may arise, or if any point is not entirely clear, can comment on it in the space below.